Though there’s no one secret to business success, there is one challenge that every business faces during times of rapid growth: getting the right people on board. In marketing and sales, securing experienced leadership is particularly critical, as evolving trends and technology make it tough enough to keep up, let alone get ahead.

Some businesses spend months searching for a “unicorn,” a marketing and sales professional who can do it all. Others turn to their personal networks for a quick fix, hiring friends or family who possess tangential knowledge and might grow into the role.

Hiring a freelance marketing consultant or a freelance sales consultant is another potential path. At Business Talent Group, we find that companies turn to freelance marketing consultants when they need to tackle critical projects without the hassle and expense of big consulting firms. These consultants can help with projects like:

  • Market opportunity and growth evaluations
  • Strategy and planning
  • Project and program management

Of course, not all sales and marketing consulting solutions are the same—or right for the same situations.

It’s not about speed, it’s about agility

Often, there’s a specific impetus driving the need for strong sales and marketing leadership, whether it’s a product launch, the emergence of a new customer segment, persistent pricing concerns, or ineffective marketing and sales campaigns. But in the rush to address current concerns, businesses inadvertently create new ones.

Speed is important, yes. Especially if you’re running lean, as most growing businesses are. But to focus on speed is to think only for the short term. When you shift the focus to business agility, speed and cost-effectiveness follow naturally. An agile strategy is a long-term strategy, one that positions you for sustained business growth by making it easier to evolve along with the market. Agility is best achieved through a flexible hiring strategy that takes both current and future needs into account.