Having robust, nimble market access strategies is increasingly important in life sciences. It’s also increasingly challenging, with fast-changing markets, increased patient engagement, and global pricing pressures.

Fortunately, Business Talent Group enables life science companies to access on-demand market access consultants to help with these challenges. Our consultants combine substantial access and value experience with expertise in specific therapeutic areas and geographies, and they’ve helped clients do everything from develop value propositions and pricing strategies to manage agencies and affiliates.

Here are a few examples.

A multi-million-dollar pharmaceutical company was in talks to acquire an orphan drug manufacturer with a pipeline asset that was about to launch in Europe. The company’s corporate development team was focused on the deal’s financials, but they lacked the expertise to assess the access potential of the new drug. Looking for highly targeted due diligence support, they turned to Business Talent Group (BTG).

BTG engaged a former Deloitte consultant who’d held senior market access roles at top global pharma companies. He investigated the target’s launch plans and timing for the new asset, along with early pricing and reimbursement estimates. He also evaluated the deal’s implications to the company’s broader commercial strategy and how post-integration staffing could affect the asset’s launch.

After concluding that the target lacked some of the resources it would need to conduct successful market access negotiations throughout the region, BTG’s consultant put together a detailed staffing plan that enabled the company to confidently—and capably—move forward with the acquisition.