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How many of your executive board actually have a grasp on the reality of the engines of activity beneath them and have the time to examine them? Consult Assist does that for you and works through your entire organisation proposing a truly consultative approach. By that we mean earmarking key objectives, establishing deliverables, critical success factors, expected outcomes, milestones and structured planning and costing to enable your organisation to maximise its time working with us. We don’t linger. We are focused and target driven.

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Assist serves those starting out in business, those needing to grow and those needing a long term strategy. Whether looking for financial investment or needing a clear plan to launch and or sustain your business venture, Assist services provides the tools for all stages of your business growth.

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From Vision To Execution
David Wiggins

We found their work to be exemplary. I would highly recommend that any firm looking to create awareness and increase visibility engage Assist.

David Wiggins Client
Melvyn Dennis

Assist knows how to communicate with executive audiences in a compelling and credible way. The results speak for themselves.

Melvyn Dennis Client
Richard Walters

Assist has worked closely with us in the development of each and every issue, performing extensive interviews and providing comprehensive research.

Richard Walters Client

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